The Tale of big G

Big G spent most of his growing up years in the southeast Georgia swamps and rivers.
Back in the days, little G was a typical kid- jumpin' ramps with his "Free Spirit" banana-seat bike,
rising early Saturday mornings to watch cartoons or to ride to the waterfront on that cool bike
hauling a pyramid-style metal crabtrap, old fish heads, and a 5-gallon bucket all tied to the long
handlebars bouncing and clanging all the way. Always conscious of his sleeping neighbors (and his parents),
he would hold the whole load together to ride with as little noise as possible.

If he wasn't on a river fishing, boat riding, or dreaming about making a corn cob pipe and
a raft like Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn, he was blazing trails in the thick palmetto/gallberry/briar/
scrub oak/pine tree/yellow-fly-sandgnat-mosquito infested swamps, building forts with the above, and rigging
booby-traps for his unneccessary protection. He named the swamp "Dagobah"in honor of "Star Wars."

His musical career started with jam sessions on his electric tennis racket to the joyful tunes of
Ricky Nelson, Elvis, the Beach Boys, Carpenters, John Denver, Simon and Garfunkel, and just about every cool
'80's headbanging hair band out there. You know the ones. As his skills improved, he decided to try the guitar
and immediately started writing songs about his basset hound, school, and other important things at the time.

Over the years, he lived a hermit's life staying home practicing his 6-string except when he had to take out
the trash, mow the grass, sweep the driveway, wash the family car, chop kindling, clean dishes, vacuum, homework etc. et al.
He always thought about the fame and glory of being a rock star- playing to hundreds of fans in huge arenas,
but never could make it happen. College came around and first choice of a profession was Marine Biology (naturally)-
but the science and math got in the way. Then he tried Music for a while, but the advanced music theory got in the way.
At least he had some classical training under his fingers that would later help form his eclectic style of playing.(click mouse)

So he cut his hair and tried out for the Air Force Rock Band- the one that travels around the country playing gigs at
some schools (like his) and other places. They wanted him to improvise a blues jam in b flat minor. Huh? I wanna ROCK!
Needless to say, the music theory got in the way again and it was back to the books and woodshed. This time,
he found a major he hoped he would really like (as Rocky the flying squirrel would say)- and it was Wildlife Biology (naturally).

Hanging out with his classmates brought out a personality that was there all along, but kept quiet by proper ettiquet.
Now, sayings like,"If you're feelin' froggy..." or "I heard that!" or "Fine as frog hair" or
"Well...that's a deep subject..." and countless others were weaving themselves into his preppy nature.

With a Bachelor's degree in Forestry/Wildlife Biology from UGA, big G got a great job as a Naturalist at Dauset Trails.
He leads wildlife programs for area school kids, helps maintain animal exhibits, publishes a quarterly newsletter, maintains DT website,
helps with landscaping and building bike trails, and other duties. Although satisfied with work and family, big G longs for
the stage. Realizing the steep odds of a career in music, big G decided to keep music as a hobby. Now, even though he does sing
in his church choir, and plays original songs about wildlife to school kids at Dauset Trails, he will always be an "arm chair" rock star.

He did manage to form a one man band called "Redneck Intellect" and recorded some classic hits including, "Squirrels in the Attic,"
"That's Life," "Flies Away," and "In Trouble Again." Not sold in any stores, this album one day will be presented online.
It's one of those things on his list...