Here are some sketches of nature with descriptions
made by Dauset Trails Naturalist Gordon Respess.

Try it out on your own- it's fun!

A beaver skull was found near a small pond.
Its smooth, cracked form sat lonely and helpless
on the ground-gazing towards the quiet water as if
longing to enter. Several brittle sections on top glistened
in the morning sun while others held dark,mysterious holes
and caverns that invited curiosity with the observer.
Thin cracks creep up, over and around the body marking sections
that once held vital organs, eyes and muscles. Its teeth,once sharp
and strong, are now loose, faded memories of chewing and gnawing,
grinding and fallen trees.

A sweetgum leaf lay posed on
the deck, ready for action,
like an X-Wing Fighter
waiting for take-off
in the movie "Star Wars."

A mockernut hickory
enjoyed by a squirrel

A mule
Dauset Trails