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Wildlife Wonders

Spring is a time of birth for most wildlife species. Vegetation is in abundance to nourish the parents and newborn. Some of the newborn will not live to reach maturity, but become food for hungry carnivores that must also feed their young. This is a natural cycle of life.

Here are some spring-delivery animals with interesting facts about each: The beaver has a litter of 4 - 5 kits in May. The kits are born with heavy fur and are able to swim within an hour after birth.

The coyote delivers between April and May and can have between 1 - 19 pups.

The raccoon has about 4 - 5 kits between April and May and weans the newborn by late summer.

Bobcats have 2 - 3 cubs in late April or early May. Their cubs are well furred and spotted when born and often found in hollow logs, rock shelters or under fallen trees.

Whitetail deer usually have 1 - 2 fawn in the spring. Spots located on the fawn help conceal them from predators. Fawn may be seen alone and appear orphaned. Most times the mother is close by and will return. The mother may leave her fawn for up to three days while looking for food and water.

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