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October 2010

Hello Nutshell reader,

Welcome to the Dauset Trails newsletter, In A Nutshell. This newsletter is normally published several times a year. We now plan to publish this on a monthly basis. This new, smaller format will feature an article, upcoming events, and other items of interest.


The Staff at Dauset Trails


Outreach From the TrailsChristina Rogers poses with a red phase Eastern Screech Owl


Attention teachers!! Dauset Trails Nature Center now offers outreach programming. We understand budget shortcomings prevent schools from taking field trips. A Dauset Trails' Naturalist will come to your school and bring the field trip experience to your classroom.

You are probably thinking what is an outreach? An outreach gives a naturalist an opportunity to go out into the community teaching others (adults and children) about our facility and nature. We feel it is our responsibility to bring awareness of wildlife in the area, and how to conserve the environment that inhabits the wildlife around us.                                       Dauset Trails Naturalist Christina Rogers poses with a red phase Screech Owl

Environmental Education increases the student's awareness and knowledge about the environment and related issues. It helps students develop the necessary skills to address these issues. It fosters motivation, encouragement, commitment and responsibility in an individual. Environmental education enhances critical thinking skills, problem solving, responsibility, and awareness of another's actions so that positive impact is made for the environment; this helps develop leadership rolls. (PLT, 2009, pg. 3)

We offer programs about mammals, bird of prey, reptiles, ecosystems, weather, rocks, soil, erosion, dendrology, lifecycles, habitats, landforms, and the water cycle. Our programs are standard based (Georgia Performance Standards); however we will provide programming to private schools as an efficient tool for your students for their learning. We also integrate many different subjects into our programs. For younger children we can incorporate literature and an activity.

Outreach programming will be provided on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Times of the programs will depend on your school's schedule. We prefer the one-on-one learning experience and recommend teaching individual classes rather than the auditorium. This service will be free for the first year. We will travel within a sixty-mile (60 mile) radius. Programs are geared for students in the grades Pre-K to eighth grade.

If you would like more information about our Outreach Programs, feel free to contact us at (770) 775-6798 or email Christina Rogers:

We do bring live animals: Owls, snakes, gopher tortoise, and opossums. Our animals have adapted to the spotlight and are handled with care and concern for the animal's well being and the student's safety.

Upcoming News and Events at Dauset Trails:

Pumpkin Carving Party
Friday, Oct 29, 2010 6:30 pm 

Call (770) 775-6798 to make reservations.

Cane Syrup / Blacksmithing Demos                                    

Saturday, Nov 20, 2010 at the Farm Animal area 

Experience the whole cane syrup process from squeezing the juice out of the cane to slow cooking it on a kettle. Watch blacksmiths fire up the forge and pound orange-hot metal into works of art.

There will also be a bbq pig pull to snack on during these activities. All are free.

Extended Weekend Hours will end Sunday, November 7, 2010

OMBA - Middle GA Mountain Bike Festival  November 13-14

OMBA will host the annual Middle Georgia Mountain Bike Festival  at Dauset Trails, Jackson GA on November 13 & 14. No race this year just two days filled with some good times. There will be group rides and bike games on Saturday followed up with some great food and music by Packway Handle. Bring your family and friends to ride, play games, see old pals, and meet new ones.

Scene at the Trails  Fall photo opportunities await you at Dauset Trails.

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Dauset Trails Nature Center's mission is to provide quality environmental education, outdoor recreation, and an understanding of early farm life through close and intimate contact with Georgia's preserved flora and fauna.