Robert A. Thurston
Rob is R.A.T

Folk Artist

    Through my early years, I was influenced by my family in art. My Dad enjoys drawing and inventing. My Mother has always had lots of hobbies such as gardening, sewing, designing birdhouses, caning chairs, and re-doing antiques, which I think taught me diversity in art.

    Whenever I had any spare time, I was carving or painting.

    I started carving when I was 12. I carved a whale out of a piece of driftwood with some help from my Grandmother, who started carving in her later years. She impressed me with her wildlife carvings using a knife and hatchet. She never sold her art work but gave them as gifts to people she loved.

    I have always been able to pick up driftwood and other objects and see fish or other things that can easily be carved out of it. I've carved fish, dolphins, animals, and a fisherman out of roots. A friend of mine brought me a load of cherry wood scraps and I carved fish, ducks, hound dogs, Indians, wrens, peace pipes, cowboys, buffalos, hummingbirds, and flowers. I once met a man who made dough bowls out of tupelo wood. He said he had to wade through swamps waist-deep to get to the tree and only used wood from head-high and below for dough bowls. He had to float it out of the swamp. I bought a truck-load of scraps that he couldn't use and carved an eagle, my largest carving, out of a piece. I also carved Indians, hound dogs, hummingbirds, and hillbillies out of the tupelo wood.

    I've carved peace pipes with soapstone. I've carved bloodstone bowls and walking canes out of wood. I also use a router and dremel tools to carve trout, country scenes, ducks and flowers on different types of boards.

    Hunting for driftwood one day, I found some bleached out bones and carved them into a fish and painted it. Since then, I have made many more creatures. I have made birds, saber-tooth tigers, elephants, giraffes, pigs, caterpillars, bats, hound dogs, prehistoric creatures, wind chimes, fish mounted on driftwood, and other tiny creatures. I no longer focus on "bone art." Instead, I carve wood.

    Currently I carve animals, people, and faces out of tree stumps and logs using a chainsaw. Most of the stumps I carved were from trees that had to be taken down at Dauset Trails. You can see my creations all around the Trails. I also carve logs on commission. E-mail me with your ideas and I will reply with a quote. I only service the Atlanta, GA area.

    People are usually amazed and smile because of the character I give my creatures.