Procyon lotor

Trail Tidbits

The raccoon is a mammal that has easily adapted to live near people.

They have a dark stripe across their eyes that resembles a mask. These nocturnal "bandits" are clever and can use their hands to open trash cans, coolers, refrigerators and even unscrew lids off of jars to raid food.

They sometimes will call an attic home, but crafty as they are, probably could not figure out how to kick back on a LAZY BOY recliner.

Out in the wild, they find hollow trees to live in and eat fruits, berries, insects, mice, eggs from birds and turtles, crayfish and frogs.

One might see a coon "washing" its hands but actually it is feeling around the water to catch live prey or wetting the food to better feel the edible portions and pick out unwanted parts.