Meleagris gallopavo

Trail Tidbits

Turkeys are common in Georgia and can be seen in large groups in open fields around dusk and dawn.

Males spread out their tail feathers during courtship and have a tuft of black hair growing from their chest called a beard.

Females usually do not spread their tail feathers or have a beard.

Turkeys roost or sleep in trees at night and hunt for food by walking on ground.

They eat insects, berries, nuts, and seeds.

Hens can lay up to 20 eggs in a clutch. Nests are on the ground in a brushy area.

And what is that red, wormy thing called hanging on their face?


A snood! 

The larger, globby things are called wattles.
Males have larger wattles than females.

Which turkey above is the female?    See answer below:




This one is the female, or hen. Hens have short "snoods," small wattles, no spurs on back of their legs, and usually no beard.